John G. Adair is our Co-Founder, Chairman and CFO. John  is a graduate of both Colorado State University where he earned a BS in  Accounting and the University of Colorado-Denver where he earned an MS  in Finance. John is also a CPA. John has spent most of his career in the  life sciences, as a finance executive with large, multi-national  corporations including Akzo-Nobel NV, Amgen and Thermo Fisher  Scientific.

Jeff  Adair began his career as a medical device design engineer with Medical  Dynamics in 1983 after earning his degree in electrical engineering.  Jeff directed the engineering department at Medical Dynamics for the  next 17 years and assumed the responsibilities associated with the design and development of electronic endoscopes and surgical camera systems. These systems were sold under the Medical Dynamics name as well  as OEM systems for some of the largest endoscope companies in the world. 

Jeff was directly involved with the design and development of many of the innovative products including various generations of CCD  based surgical camera systems Jeff was instrumental in developing ground-breaking endoscopic platforms including fiber-based endoscopes for “office arthroscopy” and “office laparoscopy” as well as the industry’s first Electronic Video Laparoscope that integrated the CCD chip into the distal tip of the scope.

Jeff helped pioneer the  CMOS multi-chip camera solution in the mid-1990s when CMOS active-pixel  image sensors were just emerging as a viable imaging technology.

In  the late 1990’s, when the industry was moving quickly towards CMOS cameras-on-a-chip, Jeff envisioned (and patented) an architecture for modern smartphones and tablets that incorporated remote processing for future mega-pixel image sensors, including the recently commercialized “Stacked” image sensors where the silicon can be optimized on the top plane for imaging and the bottom plane for mixed-signal processing.