Patented CMOS Imaging Technology

The  heart of our technology lies in the advancements to an imaging  technology known as Complimentary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS). CMOS  imagers, because of their low-noise and high-resolution, are  challenging and displacing Charge Coupled Devices (CCD’s) that have been  the standard imaging platform for the past 40 years.

Cellect’s parent company, Micro-Imaging Solutions, LLC. (MIS: capitalized on this technology while taking it one step further by  patenting the optimization of the circuitry (image processing) and  camera (image sensor) configuration separately.  This separate  configuration allows for incorporation into nano-sized medical devices  to enable the creation of new products that would not otherwise be  feasible.

Unlike the current industry focus to  place the entire CMOS camera on a single chip, our patented technology  involves the removal of the majority of the image processing circuitry away from the image capture plane (pixels) of a single-chip CMOS camera. Our novel, unique  platform-enabling and patented CMOS technology allows for a variety of medical applications.

Our patented CMOS camera technology also has important applications in  modern smartphones and tablets. Patents that were filed in the late  1990's taught the same separation of the processing circuitry and  image capture (via pixels) from the CMOS camera to enable smaller  wireless phones due to reduced camera chip size. With the advent of  mega-pixel cameras, it was critical that the vast amount of processing  necessary to handle the data remain on a separate processor board.  

+40 Patents Worldwide

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